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Our clients have come to expect the high quality and reliability of our custom winches and deck machinery. Now, Markey Machine offers the best in marine surveys and deck machinery repairs as well through the Sentinel Maritime Safeguard & Inspection program.

At Sentinel Inspections, we understand that vessel owners and operators use a variety of deck equipment from different manufacturers. That’s why we offer comprehensive servicing and maintenance for all makes and models, not just Markey products. Whether it’s a capstan, winch, or crane, our team of experienced technicians is equipped to provide top-quality service and repairs to keep your equipment running smoothly.

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Sentinel Maritime Inspection Services

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Sentinel offers a wide array of services to boost your predictive maintenance program and repair your heavy deck & winch equipment quickly and efficiently.

On-Site Surveys & Inspections

Identify issues or ensure your deck & winch equipment complies with maritime regulations.

Remote Access Troubleshooting

Save time and money by allowing us to troubleshoot your equipment from any location.

Experience in Various Types of Vessels

We have experience in inspections and repairs on various types of vessels, including cargo ships, tugs, and fishing boats.

General Engineering

Our experts will assess the state of your vessel, prepared to make necessary engineering enhancements.

Detailed Custom Report & Estimate

This report helps plan, budget and conduct Coast Guard inspections, dry dockings, and overhauls.

Control Engineering

We specialize in the design and implementation of control systems that are efficient, accurate, and reliable.

Winch Familiarization Training

We will train your crew on the basics of your heavy & winch deck equipment to allow for greater autonomy in use.

Custom Fabrication & Welding

Optimize the performance and functionality of your winches and deck machinery through state-of-the-art equipment builds.

Existing Part Repair

Whenever possible, the Sentinel expert engineers will aim to repair the existing but worn out parts on your vessel.

Innovative Technology

Our team utilizes the latest technology to provide accurate and efficient inspections and repairs.

Effective Issue Diagnosis

Detailed surveys by combining thermal imaging technology, vibration analysis, and physical examinations of the equipment.

Cost-Efficient Solutions

Our experts will work with you to find cost-effective solutions for any issues or upgrades needed for your vessel’s deck machinery.

Experienced Marine Winch Inspectors

At Sentinel Inspections, we are proud to have a team of experienced marine winch inspectors who are knowledgeable and skilled in the inspection and repair of deck machinery and winches. Our inspectors have extensive experience working with various types of marine vessels, including cargo ships, tugs, and fishing boats. They are familiar with the latest technologies and industry standards, and are committed to providing the highest quality of service to our clients.

Our team of marine surveyors is trained to identify issues and potential risks, and to provide recommendations for repairs, maintenance, and upgrades to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your vessel. They also provide detailed reports and estimates to facilitate budgeting and planning for periodic dry dockings and overhauls. Our inspectors are dedicated to providing the best service and to minimize downtime, helping to keep your vessel running smoothly. Trust Sentinel Inspections for experienced and reliable marine surveyor services.

Compliance with Maritime Regulations

Our marine surveyors are heavily involved in the engineering and builds of our winch & deck machinery. This makes them the ideal candidates to oversee the safety and maintenance of your winches and deck equipment. Our inspectors perform detailed surveys by combining thermal imaging technology, vibration analysis, and physical examinations of the equipment.

When the equipment passes inspection, Sentinel issues a report that states the equipment is safe and in compliance with maritime regulations. This quantitative report is valuable for Coast Guard inspections. In the case that the Sentinel surveyors diagnose an issue, a parts & service estimate will be included with the report. The report will be completed as soon as possible to get your winch repaired and back on the job.

On-Site & Remote Access Services

Field Service

No location is too remote for our marine surveyors and engineers. The Sentinel team will travel to your location to meticulously inspect and scrutinize your deck machinery to look for breaks or weaknesses. No need to come into port or dry dock for a winch inspection. For repairs, our team will work around the schedule of your vessel to bring your vessel into port or dry dock. This saves you time and money that your ship can be making out on the water.

Remote Access

Remote Access service allows our systems engineers to troubleshoot your control system from anywhere in the world. We can remote access your control system the same day you encounter a problem, saving you valuable time and money and preventing a costly trip back to port.

Engineering Consulting

The Sentinel program’s reputation is built upon decades of responsible, robust design practices by Markey Machine. Leverage our engineering prowess to make your next winch or deck machinery build a success. Regardless of the age of your winch, Markey offers a broad range of consulting services, including vessel & equipment reconfigurations, winch modifications, adaptations, improvements, repowering, etc. Additionally, Markey Machine can document and maintain equipment no longer supported by other OEMs. We can also support your seasoned equipment, frequently re-evaluating drum charts, brake ratings, drum capacity, and other aspects of our winch systems.

Marine Winch Familiarization Training

The Sentinel Maritime Safeguard & Inspection team can provide on-site operational training for every marine winch we produce. Sentinel training reinforces your crew’s confidence in using your Markey deck machinery, further boosting the safety, efficiency, and reliability of your equipment. Sentinel training services help you manage the challenges of frequent crew changes experienced in the workboat and oceanographic domains. Our team can train your crew on winch controls, system familiarization, Markey Render/Recover® technology, basic maintenance and lubrication, warnings and lock-out procedures.

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Markey Machine has been building the best in marine winches and deck machinery for over 110 years. Our attention to detail and superior engineering has made us one of the most recognizable and trusted brands in the world. Some of our winches have been in service for decades and will be in use for years to come. Now our engineering expertise has led us to offer the best in marine surveying and deck machinery repairs through Sentinel Inspections, so we can guarantee your vessel will run smoothly for years to come.

Risk Identification & Detailed Report

Sentinel works with your crew to quickly identify risk and bolsters your predictive maintenance program. The quantitative survey report provides the comprehensive information necessary to make informed decisions. These reports facilitate budgeting and planning for periodic dry dockings and overhauls. Your deck machinery is integral to your business or mission and you shouldn’t waste valuable time in port when your vessel could be working. This is why it’s important your winch system or deck machinery is surveyed regularly.

Abandonment Recovery Winch, designed and produced by the maritime welding and marine construction company Markey Machinery

Our Seattle Manufacturing Facility

We perform repair services at our fully outfitted factory in Seattle, Washington. Our winch manufacturing team can produce small and large replacement parts for every repair. We also provide spooling services, upgrades, and complete winch rebuilds and refurbishment.

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