About Markey Machine

Markey is a world leader in the marine deck equipment and winch industry. Our fully custom winches sit on countless tug boats and ships around the globe. A winch is a long-term commitment for a vessel that usually can’t afford to be down for repairs. And the consequences of a failure could be disastrous.

That’s why our crew treats every job like a flawless work of engineering. We work hand in hand with the client to provide a design that can hold up to the wear and tear of heavy usage, inclement weather, and saltwater. We are committed to producing only the best in marine winches and heavy deck machinery.

The History of Markey Machine

Throughout the years, Markey’s dedication to quality has made it one of the top deck machinery companies in the country, with loyal customers returning year after year for the service and superior workmanship they have come to expect from the Seattle-based company.

The tradition began in 1907, when a young Charles Markey, fresh from a two-year trading expedition on the Alaska and Siberian coast, started up the C.H. Markey Machinery Company, a general contracting company serving both the marine and logging industries. Little did Markey know that it would set the stage for three generations and 100+ years of hard work and success that continue today with Markey Machine.

The team at Markey Machinery

Why Choose Markey Machine?

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Meet The Owner & CEO Of Markey – Blaine Dempke

“When you buy a Markey Machine, you are buying into a company that has been building custom winches in the Seattle area for over 100 years. In that time we have learned the importance of manufacturing deck equipment that is reliable, built to last, exceeds customers’ expectations and comes with unparalleled customer support. Let us put this knowledge and experience to work for you today in designing and manufacturing the toughest winches on the market. Anything else is just a winch.”