Markey Combination Winches

When deck space is at a premium, a combination winch may be your best choice. Markey has frequently produced capstan-windlass models for numerous customers and has even manufactured Hydraulic Hawser Winches with Wildcat configurations. This class of equipment include capstan/windlasses, mooring winches with anchor windlass capability, hawser winches with integral windlasses and other configurations. Selectable via clutches or separately driven, combination winches can solve minimal deck space issues and provide dual operability.

Markey Anchor Windlass Features/Options

DrumRight and Left Hand
Chain SizeSingle or Dual
Brake TypeSingle or Multi Speed
GearboxesIntegral gearboxes and line-bored shafts
Drive TypeDiesel, hydraulic and electric drives
Other FeaturesFull range of control options