man in a hard hat and a dark blue t-shirt is standing in an industrial setting, smiling at the camera. He is working on a laptop that is placed on a sturdy, metal machine, possibly a piece of manufacturing equipment. The machine is labeled "MARKEY".

From Ship Design to Maintenance: The Role of Markey Machine’s Deck Equipment in the Maritime Industry

Markey Machine: A World Leader in Marine Deck Equipment

Markey Machine, a Seattle-based company, has been a world-renowned leader in marine and non-marine winch design and  servicing since 1907. Known for their high-quality, custom deck equipment, Markey Machine continues to play an integral role in the maritime industry.

Customization and Innovation: The Hallmarks of Markey Machine

Markey’s reputation as a global leader in the marine deck equipment and winch industry is built on its commitment to customization and innovation. Their equipment, including heavy-duty marine deck machinery, is designed to meet the specific needs of each vessel. This makes them a preferred choice for maritime professionals, naval architects, and operators around the world.

Sentinel Maritime Safeguard & Inspection Program: Ensuring Safety and Compliance

The image depicts an industrial setting where a person in an orange high-visibility jacket and a white safety helmet is inspecting large cylindrical machinery, potentially a winch or marine deck equipment.

Beyond the design and manufacturing of deck equipment, Markey Machine also offers the Sentinel Maritime Safeguard & Inspection program. This program works with crews to quickly identify risk and bolster condition based maintenance programs. Markey’s Winch surveyors are heavily involved in the engineering and builds of their winch & deck machinery. They perform detailed surveys using thermal imaging technology, vibration analysis, and physical examinations of the equipment.

Once our team of expert mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic surveyors have thoroughly inspected your deck equipment, Sentinel delivers a comprehensive report. This report details the current condition of your equipment. It not only outlines the existing state but also provides recommendations for repairs and component replacements. This ensures optimal functionality.

From designing and manufacturing cutting-edge deck equipment to facilitating regular inspections and maintenance, Markey Machine plays a critical role in the maritime industry. Their commitment to quality, customization, and customer service sets them apart, making them a trusted partner for maritime professionals worldwide.

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